Rene Eringaard - XS2

Sourcing Specialist | Business & Brand Consultant | ICT Business Professional


  • Senior consultant.
  • Advisory, Coaching for startup entrepeneurs.
  • ​Advisory, Consulting for companies.
  • Product Strategy, Brand Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Business Strategy, Corporate Strategy.
  • Residing in Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China
  • 30 years experience in CE & ICT.
    Experience dating back to 1986 regarding sourcing, purchasing, sales, sales management, leading joint venture companies.

  • ​Primary focus on:
    Consumer electronics.
    Consumer hardware.
    Enterprise hardware.
    Gaming hardware.

  • Familiar with PR, marketing, media buying, events, exhibitions, social media, influencer and blogger outreach.
  • Proven experience with European publications such as Hardware Info, Tweakers, Chip, C'T and many more.
    Advertising Archive Website 


  • Extensive hands-on experience with ODM manufacturers in Taiwan and mainland China regarding low to high volume product development from concept, execution, through end-of-life.


  • Proven and documented € 500 million successful track record in Sales & Marketing of CE & ICT products.
  • Good at setting business targets and achieving them.
  • Cooperated with many international companies based in Asia, searching and creating European sales channels.
  • Skilled in establishing long term cooperations between manufacturers and distributors, retailers, e-tailers in b2b and b2c.


  • Experienced in developing cost effective marketing and branding strategies to enter new markets:
    a: For foreign companies entering the Taiwanese market.

    b: Creating a worldwide exposure for Taiwanese companies so that they are able to market their products globally.

  • Supporting companies in creating the best and most effective marketing strategy.  
  • Specialized in the tech industry (but not limited to that). 
  • Good in bridging the gap between social and cultural differences.
  • Familiar with business environments in Europe, Taiwan ROC and mainland China. 
  • ​Proven and documented history of creating a professional international corporate image.
  • ​Expert in branding products, brand management, brand strategy:
    Ensuring that your message is using the right channel.
    Connecting your brand with the right audience.​ 
    Bringing your products to the right market.

  • Proficient in any form of advertising from printed matter to digital advertising and related market development funds / budgets.
  • Outstanding and many years of experience in creating a tailor-made marketing mix for companies regarding public relations, media planning, (digital)advertising and events.   

All information mentioned on this website is documented and can be proven.

  • This website displays printed marketing matter created under my supervision for the company I.C.P. between 1991-1996.
  • This website displays printed marketing matter and digital marketing matter created under my supervision between 1996-nowadays.
  • It also shows awards received from leading manufacturers as AMD, Intel, Clevo, MSI, Hitachi, Microsoft and others.
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