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XS2 | Sourcing & Branding | Taiwan | Republic of China

Sourcing Services in Taiwan ROC and China PRC.

Sourcing Support.

ODM Sourcing Support.

Project Management Support.

A cost effective way to find the best quality APAC suppliers.

It Includes but is not limited to:

  • Contractual arrangements.
  • Cost negotiations.
  • Reach cost targets. 
  • Analyze and review costs.
  • Maintaining accurate costs and BOM’s.
  • Analyze and review material.
  • Driving material readiness.
  • Securing the supply for prototype builds and mass-production.
  • Final quality control.
  • Final product inspection.
  • Factory site audits.
  • Ensuring that the manufacturer is capable to fulfill product requirements regarding:
    Technology, Quality, Supply, Cost, Environment and Ethics.

Experienced in CE, ROHS, REACH, FCC, Bluetooth Certifications, Molding, Plastic Injection.

Marketing Services in Taiwan ROC and China PRC

Advisory, Coaching for startup entrepeneurs.

Advisory, Consulting for companies.

It includes but is not limited to:

  • Target Market Research (Competition+Potential Clients) 
  • 7P Strategy.
  • Market Entry, Expanding Markets.
  • Develop Sales Channels.
  • Trademarks & Domain Names.
  • Branding.
  • Creating Brand Story.
  • Social Media, Digital Marketing.
  • Coaching Sales and Marketing employees regarding Communication and Presentation.
  • Coaching Website Designers so that your (mobile)website has SEO. 
  • Corporate and Product Introductions.
  • Develop Brochures, Cataloques, Company Introductions that are understandable !
  • B2B B2C Business Strategy.
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