Rene Eringaard - Timeline - 1985

1978 - 1982:

Rene Eringaard attended Lower General Secondary Education.


1982 – 1984:

Rene Eringaard attended Higher General Secondary Education.


1984 – 1985:

Rene Eringaard attended Pre-university Education.


Centrum Administratieve Vakopleiding
Administrative Vocational Training Centre of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment

Rene Eringaard attended administrative vocational training containing the general application of computing:
Terminals, networking, computers and peripherals.
Research, design, analysis of information systems.
Operating systems and application software such as Wordstar word processing, CalcStar spreadsheets, dBase databases.
Workforce databases, customer databases, article inventory control, sales and billing systems.



Nederlands Instituut voor Marketing
(The Netherlands Institute of Marketing)
Rene Eringaard attended NIMA-A education.
This NIMA-A education was an eye-opening experience and Rene Eringaard decided to establish his own company in the near future.

About NIMA:
This education contains: marketing, sales, communication, market research and related fields such as finance, statistics.
NIMA develops standards for marketing education in the Netherlands and is full member of the European Marketing Confederation (EMC).
NIMA trainers/coaches are teaching the students in the field that this trainer/coach is working in.
The exams are independent: the trainer/coach has no influence on the exams.
It is about interaction, discussion, real-life cases, applying theoretical knowledge into practical situations.

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