Rene Eringaard - Timeline - 1987

RadioShack & Sydec Technology Distributors

1987 (January)

Rene Eringaard becomes sales representative in the Netherlands for USA based company RadioShack.
Rene Eringaard was selling actually two different kind of products:
a: RadioShack’s private labeled “Realistic” audio and video products.
b: Tandy personal computers.


About RadioShack:
Radioshack was founded in 1921.
In 1954 RadioShack started to sell High Fidelity music products under it’s private label “Realistic”.
In 1977 RadioShack introduced the TRS-80, one of the first mass-produced personal computers.
In the mid 1980’s RadioShack began transition from its 8-bit computers to its IBM PC compatible Tandy computers.
In 1987 RadioShack was 100% owned by the USA company Tandy Corporation.


1987 (July)

Rene Eringaard becomes sales representative at Sydec in the Netherlands.
a: Sales of computer components and peripherals to resellers/retailers in the Netherlands.
b: Introduction of Hyundai computers in the Netherlands.


About Sydec Technology Distributors:
Sydec was founded by Mr. Bart van Rheenen en Mr. Folkert Brongers.
Sydec was an importer/exporter/distributor of computers and computer IT-components.
Sydec had offices and activities in the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom and Belgium.
At it’s peak the Sydec group employed 250+ people.
At it’s peak the Sydec group had a yearly sales turnover of around 175 million Dutch Guilders (Euro 80 Million)


Sydec imported, exported, distributed products of:
Twinhead, Rodime, Kyocera, Mitsubishi, Syquest, Hyundai, Quantum, Western Digital, Conner, Atasi, Micropolis, Digiboard, Exabyte, Onstream, Novell, Taxan, Micro Solutions, Intel, AMD, Cyrix, Novell, Microsoft.


Sydec also assembled it’s private labeled “PC-Line” and “JEC” IBM PC compatible computers.

In 1993 daughter company ICP took over most of Sydec’s activities and continued Sydec’s business.

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