Rene Eringaard - Timeline - 1994

I.C.P. - International Computer Products & Hewlett Packard

1988 - 1996:

Rene Eringaard is employee of ICP (International Computer Products) in the Netherlands.
During these years Rene Eringaard had three responsibilities at the same time:

Sourcing and purchasing in Hongkong, China, Taiwan and the USA.
Sales Manager.
Distribution of a bi-monthly published 32 pages full color magazine in Holland, Belgium and UK. This magazine was written in Dutch, French, and English language.
It mentioned pricing of around 1000 products in 4 different currencies. Rene Eringaard was the writer and editor of this magazine in cooperation with mr. Ronald Stolk.


ICP and Colorado Memory Systems:
In 1991 mr. Frank Hensley from Colorado Memory Systems(USA) visited ICP’s parent company Sydec.
Colorado Memory Systems manufactured computer backup systems, a so called tape streamer.
(Protecting against the loss of data stored on a hard disk in case it crashes)
Sydec was already selling several backup/storage solutions such as Exabyte and SyQuest.
Sydec decided that the Colorado Memory Systems products could be better sold by daughter company ICP.

The Colorado Memory Systems products had a capacity up to 250MB.
a: Jumbo
An internal backup tape drive which needed it’s ISA/EISA/MCA controller board.
b: Trakker
An external backup tape drives that could be easily connected to a parallel port.

Before 1996 desktop and notebook computers had parallel and serial ports for connectivity.
USB ports were introduced in 1996.

Jumbo and Trakker were the first affordable tape drives for the mainstream market:
The director of ICP, Mr. Ben Jan Wilbrink gave Rene Eringaard full power and full control to launch this new advanced tape back-up system.
This means that Rene Eringaard had total freedom regarding:
Purchasing, Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Market Development Funds.


ICP became market leader in Holland, Belgium by shipping average 45.000pcs tape drives per year.
Additional sales and profit were generated by selling data storage tapes.

In 1988, the year that Rene Eringaard started working at ICP, the company had 4 employees and a office/activities in the Netherlands.
In 1992 Colorado Memory Systems has been bought by Hewlett Packard, ICP became a Hewlett Packard distributor.
In 1996 the year that Rene Eringaard decided to leave ICP, the company had 70+ employees and offices/activities in 5 countries

In 1997 ICP has been sold to IT-components distributor Datrontech (United Kingdom) which was noted on the stock exchange.

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