Rene Eringaard - Timeline - 1995

I.C.P. - International Computer Products 

1988 – 1996:

Rene Eringaard is employee of ICP (International Computer Products) in the Netherlands.
During these years Rene Eringaard had three responsibilities at the same time:


Sourcing and purchasing in Hongkong, China, Taiwan and the USA.
Sales Manager.
Distribution of a bi-monthly published 32 pages full color magazine in Holland, Belgium and UK. This magazine was written in Dutch, French, and English language.
It mentioned pricing of around 1000 products in 4 different currencies. Rene Eringaard was the writer and editor of this magazine in cooperation with mr. Ronald Stolk

Until 1993 Sydec was 100% owner of daughter company ICP.
In 1993 daughter company ICP took over most of Sydec’s activities and continued Sydec’s business.
ICP had offices and activities in the Netherlands, Denmark, Taiwan, United Kingdom and Belgium.
The goal was to become a pan-european distributor.
In case this goal could not be reached independently, then it should be reached by taking over other companies or by merging with other companies, or to be acquired by a pan-european distributor.
ICP was doing well in sales, profit and marketshare but distribution probably should have a consolidation in the near future.
Bigger US based distributors and pan-european distributors soon should create strong competition.
Mr. Ben Jan Wilbrink’s goal as decribed above is fully understandable.

Promise is a Promise:

During 1993 and 1996 the integration of employees of it’s former parent company Sydec wiped out ICP’s  “down-to-earth” culture and mentality.
In 1993 ICP promised Rene Eringaard (and a few other employees) to become small minority shareholders of ICP.
In 1995 ICP still did not fulfill this “shares promise”. ICP did not remember that this promise was made. (LOL)
Rene Eringaard mentioned several times this “shares promise” to the board of directors of ICP.
Recalling this “shares promise” resulted in an unpleasant working atmosphere.
Besides that, if ICP should be aquired by a foreign company, it could result in the fact that Rene Eringaard probably should lose (partly) his job within ICP.

ICP has been sold in 1997 to IT-components distributor Datrontech (United Kingdom) which was noted on the stock exchange.
“ICP has been approached by a number of US distributors, but managing director Ben Jan Wilbrink said he wanted it to be part of a European operation.
UK components distributor Datrontech Group has acquired Computer Products (ICP) for as the company moves ahead with the European expansion strategy.
ICP was Datrontech's eleventh acquisition between 1995 – 1997. Datrontech had been looking at potential buys in Scandinavia, but has satisfied its ambition as ICP is also established in this region.
ICP, a computer components and peripherals distributor, sells primarily into the Netherlands, UK and Belgium, with operations in Denmark and Germany.
ICP has one UK sales unit - in Wokingham, Berkshire - plus a branch in Belgium and one in Taiwan. Mark Mulford, Datrontech CEO, said: 'Holland is a prime location for servicing mainland Europe, and there are many growth opportunities from co-operative activity between ICP and Datrontech. ICP was established in 1987 and distributes chips, PCs, monitors, hard disk and tape drives, as well as networking products. Its suppliers include AMD, Cyrix, Intel, Acer, Fujitsu, Hewlett Packard and Western Digital”

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