Rene Eringaard - Timeline - 1996

The establishment of XS2

The establishment of XS2

1988 – Autumn 1996:
Rene Eringaard is employee of ICP (International Computer Products) in the Netherlands.
During these years Rene Eringaard had three responsibilities at the same time:

Sourcing and purchasing in Hongkong, China, Taiwan and the USA.
Sales Manager.
Distribution of a bi-monthly published 32 pages full color magazine in Holland, Belgium and UK.
This magazine was written in Dutch, French, and English language.
It mentioned pricing of around 1000 products in 4 different currencies.
Rene Eringaard was the writer and editor of this magazine.

1996 (January)
ICP is preparing to be acquired by a foreign company.
If ICP should be aquired by a foreign company, it could result in the fact that Rene Eringaard probably should lose (partly) his job within ICP.
Soon, in 1997 ICP has been sold to Datrontech, UK based computer components and peripherals distributor.

1996 (Autumn)
Rene Eringaard resigns his job at ICP.
Rene Eringaard and Mr. Ruud Wildevuur prepare a business plan for a new company called Sumo International BV.
Mr. Ruud Wildevuur was a retired entrepeneur and after retirement he became a volunteer at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.
The new company should be called SUMO International BV i.o., but very soon we changed this to the name XS2 Europe BV i.o.

XS2 Europe BV i.o.
Rene Eringaard establishes XS2 Europe BV i.o.
XS2 Europe BV i.o. immediately starts the import/export/distribution of computers, components, peripherals
XS2 Europe BV i.o. immediately starts assembling private labeled computer systems.
The abbreviation “i.o.” means “in establishing”, making it a so called "one-man business" or “sole proprietorship”.
Rene Eringaard is responsible for all risks and liabilities.
This company will use the name "XS2" as abbreviation.

XS2 International BV
Below persons agree to establish a joint-venture company in the Netherlands.
Mr. Rene Eringaard
Mr. Andrew Chen
Sales manager of Taiwanese company A-Trend Technology Co.
Mr. Wu Pei-yao (Eric Wu):
Chairman of Taiwanese company A-Trend Technology Co.
Board director and chief executive officer of Taiwanese company CIS Technology.
Mr. Yu Shen Lin (Jonathan Lin)
Owner of Taiwanese company A-Power Technology Co.

A-Trend Technology Co., is mainly manufacturing:
Computer motherboards, 2D and 3D graphic cards, networking products.
Atrend Technology Co., is an affiliate from Taiwanese company CIS Technology.

CIS Technology is mainly manufacturing:
Computer and telecom products, including modems.
CIS Technology is listed on the Taiwanese stock market.

A-Power Technology Co., is mainly manufacturing:
Telecom products and modems.

This new Taiwanese/Dutch company will be:
XS2 International BV

The shareholders are:
51%  XS2 Holding BV (= Rene Eringaard)
44%  A-Trend Technology Co (= Mr. Andrew Chen and Mr. Wu Pei-yao)
5%   Mr. Yu Shen Lin (= A-Power Technology Co)

A-Power Technology and A-Trend Technology will support XS2 International BV with loans and special payment terms, thus financing XS2 International BV.
XS2 International BV will have the exclusive rights to distribute A-Power and A-Trend products in the Netherlands and Belgium.

XS2 International BV transfers above loans, special payment terms to XS2 Europe BV i.o., thus financing XS2 Europe BV i.o.
XS2 International BV transfers above exclusive rights to distribute A-Power and A-Trend products to XS2 Europe BV i.o

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