Rene Eringaard - Timeline - 2003

XS2 - Year 2003 net sales: € 28 million


In this 7th  full year of activities the net sales of XS2 is € 28 million.
XS2 becomes one of the biggest computer assemblers of desktop and notebook computers in Benelux countries using the brand name "Promedion".
A few years later (2006) the brand name “Promedion” will be changed to "XXODD"


XS2 introduces an extremely compact MP3 player with integrated FM-radio and LCD-screen using the brand name "Promedion"

XS2 becomes distributor for following manufacturers:
Hitachi – harddisks - (Japan)

XS2 receives the "Clevo Excellent Partner" award.


XS2 receives a personal award from Francis Lai, the director of MSI in the Netherlands "Outstanding Partnership"

XS2 receives the "MSI excellent performance" award.

XS2 receives the "PQI Regional Distributor of the year" award.

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