Rene Eringaard - Timeline - 2005

XS2 - Year 2005 net sales: € 34 million


In this 9th full year of activities the net sales of XS2 is € 34 million.
XS2 introduces a private labeled Promedion 2.0 Megapixel digital camera with the size of a pen.


XS2 introduces a range of private labeled “Promedion Edrive” external USB-harddisks up to 400GB.

German company Medion starts complaining about the fact that XS2 is using "Promedion" as a brand name.
Rene Eringaard decides to change the "Promedion" brand name to "XXODD" in order to avoid conflict with the German company Medion.

XS2 receives the "Clevo Excellent Partner" award.

XS2 receives the "Microsoft Gold Certified Partner" certificate.

XS2 receives the "MSI outstanding partnership" award.

XS2 becomes a member of the Intel Product Integrator Program.

Reviews in magazines:
PCM magazine
Promedion D900T notebook tested as "faster then almost all desktop systems"

PCM magazine
Promedion D900T notebook receives "Best Product" award.

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