Rene Eringaard - Timeline - 2006

XS2 - Year 2006 net sales: € 35 million


In this 10th full year of activities the net sales of XS2 is € 35 million.
German company Medion started complaining in the year 2005 about the fact that XS2 is using "Promedion" as a brand name. Rene Eringaard decides to change the "Promedion" brand name to "XXODD" in order to avoid conflict with the German company Medion.

"XXODD" is launched by XS2 as new brand name for desktops, notebooks and other computer peripherals.


"XXODD" has a focus on custom made assembled notebooks and desktops, mostly used for high performance tasks such as gaming CAD/CAM, servers.

"XXODD" introduces a GPS-GSM handheld locator so that people can trace cars, boats and persons by using Google Maps.

XS2 still remains a distributor for many Taiwanese companies, however "XXODD" branded products are generating most of the sales and profit. In fact, between 2006 and the end of 2010 these "XXODD" branded products will be the main reason of the existence of XS2.

XS2 becomes distributor for following manufacturers:
Arima - notebooks - (Taiwan), QNAP Systems - NAS solutions - (Taiwan), MaPower Electronics (Taiwan), Twinmos (Taiwan)

XS2 receives the "AMD Solution Provider Platinum" award.

XS2 receives the "Clevo Excellent Partner" award.

XS2 receives the "Hitachi Strategic Partner" award.

XS2 receives the "Intel Channel Partner Associate Member" certificate.

XS2 receives the "Microsoft Gold Certified Partner" certificate.

XS2 receives the "MSI Excellent Star" award as the best distributor in The Netherlands.

XS2 receives the "Ovislink Outstanding Cooperation" award.

Reviews in magazines:
Computer Totaal magazine
"Our Choice" award for XXODD notebook XNi570B.

Computer Totaal magazine
"Our Choice" award for XXODD notebook XNi570U2.

PC-Consument magazine
"The Fastest Notebook" predicate for XXODD notebook XNA700.

WINMAG magazine
"BEST PRODUCT" award for XXODD notebook 550V with hardware data encryption.

PC-Active magazine
"the fastest notebook" predicate for XXODD notebook XNA700K.

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