Rene Eringaard - Timeline - 2007

XS2 - Year 2007 net sales: € 18 million


In this 11th full year of activities the net sales of XS2 is € 18 million.
Between 1996 and 2007 XS2 has two types of activities:
Importer/distributor of computer components and peripherals.
Manufacturer/assembler of desktop computers and notebook computers.

Since the establishment of XS2 (year 1996) the distribution of computers, computer components and peripherals encounters:
Prices and margins of computers, computer components and peripherals are falling significantly.
Rising operating expenses for the distribution of computers, computer components and peripherals.

Based on above:
Rene Eringaard intensifies his cooperation with OEM/ODM notebook manufacturers Arima, Mitac, Clevo and GPU manufacturer Nvidia.
Decision is made that XS2’s role as a distributor of computer components and peripherals must be minimized.
XS2 must focus on it’s private labeled “XXODD” desktop computers and notebooks which are manufactured
with the fastest CPU’s, largest amounts of RAM and highest speed graphic adapters.

With it’s online custom built to order “XXODD” website, comparable with Alienware,
the company XS2 is expanding its activities rapidly into market segments as:  
a: Enthusiast Gaming
b: High-end Servers
c: Professional Workstations (CAD/CAM OpenGL)
d: NAS (Network Attached Storage)

As scheduled and decided by Rene Eringaard, XS2's role as distributor is getting smaller, but this has following advantage:
Less cash flow is being used for the distribution of low priced/cheap computers, computer components, computer peripherals.
Instead the cash flow can be used for higher priced gaming, server, workstation computers with a higher gross profit.
Less cash flow is needed because the sales turnover is lower, however the gross profit is higher...

On the end of the year 2007 the company XS2 has been transformed into a value added manufacturer of performance notebooks, performance desktop computers and network/data storage products. Gross profit percentage rises considerably as a result.

XS2 still remains a distributor for several Taiwanese companies, however "XXODD" branded computers are generating most of the sales and profit.

Cooperation with Intel:

XS2 started a cooperation in the year 2007 with Intel:


Customized painted notebooks

Consumers and companies can order notebooks in their favorite colors, with artwork, with their company logo.


Notebooks painted in the colors and with the logo of Dutch professional soccer clubs Feyenoord and PSV.

PSV is a Premier League soccer club founded by Philips (Philips Sport Vereniging) in the city Eindhoven.

Feyenoord is a Premier League soccer club in the city Rotterdam.

XS2 becomes distributor for following manufacturers:
Mitac (Taiwan), Philips & Lite-On Digital:PLDS (Taiwan)

XS2 receives the "Clevo Excellent Partner" award.

XS2 receives the "AMD Solution Provider Platinum" award.

XS2 receives the "Microsoft Gold Certified Partner" certificate.

Reviews in magazines:
PCM Magazine:
"Editors choice" award for XXODD notebook XNi570RU.

PCM Magazine:
"Editors choice" award for XXODD notebook D901C.

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