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XS2 assembled yearly 20.000 pcs gaming laptops / game notebooks / computers.
Between 1996 and 2006 these gaming laptops / game notebooks / computers were labeled and branded Promedion.
In 2006 the trademark Promedion was changed to the trademark XXODD.
Promedion and XXODD were and are also used for computer peripherals and smartphone accessories.

Besides Promedion and XXODD products, XS2 distributed computer related products from most Taiwanese manufacturers.

Nowadays the Taiwanese company Yuhuan Global Co., Ltd is manufacturing XXODD products.

The trademark VIBIAN is used for clocks, watches, smartwatches and other wearable technology.

XS2 - XXODD MiniPC Atom Intel
XS2 - XXODD W760K notebook with AMD and Intel CPU
XS2 - XXODD XNI832T Ultra Book Intel Celeron 13inch LED screen
XS2 - XXODD D9070D 18,4" Gaming Notebook
XS2 - XXODD D901C Notebook Nvidia SLI
XS2 - XXODD L390T LCDPC with Touchscreen
XS2 - XXODD LCDPC Intel and Netbook Intel
XS2 - XXODD Notebooks PC's Harddisks
XS2 - XXODD Catalogue Flash Year 2007
XS2 - XXODD LCDPC Notebook Harddisk
XS2 - XXODD Notebook GTX Nvidia Year 2006
XS2 - XXODD Notebook M570A Gaming Year 2006
XS2 - XXODD Notebook M570B Year 2006
XS2 - XXODD Notebook M560A Year 2006
XS2 - XXODD Notebook M38AW Year 2006
XS2 - XXODD Notebook M375S Year 2006
XS2 - XXODD Notebook M550G Year 2006
XS2 - XXODD Notebook M550V Year 2006
XS2 - XXODD win a free notebook
XS2 XXODD Notebook Awards and Reviews
XS2 - XXODD M590K Notebook 19inch SLI NVIDIA
XXODD 2008 Products
XXODD Notebooks Locators GPS PC Systems
XS2 - XXODD Win a free notebook year 2006
XS2 - Computer Magazine - Computer Newspaper - Circulation 1 million pcs
XS2 - XXODD Products Notebooks and Computers Countdown Year 2006
XS2 - XXODD - Product overview Year 2007
XXODD XS2 Product Overview Example
XS2 - XXODD introduction Microsoft Windows Vista
XS2 XXODD Soccer Notebooks Intel
XS2 - XXODD 120GB Harddisk instead of 80GB harddisk
XS2 - XXODD Convertible XN120R Centrino notebook with touchscreen Year 2007
XS2 - XXODD M570U3 Gaming notebook 17inch Nvidia GTX
XS2 - XXODD Notebook series with logo
XS2 - XXODD M590K notebook with SLI Nvidia Gaming Performance 3D
XS2 - Banner Custom Built Systems
XS2 - XXODD - Soccer Notebooks Centrino Intel
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